iOS & Android UI & UX

Karlmax Berlin / WOW-Tech Group

2019 – 2020


We-Connect has been on the App Store for over six years. Its success is linked to the vast product palette of best-selling premium sex toys from the market leader WowTech.
As far as the app is concerned, the union between a smartphone and a sex toy is enhanced by a stable Bluetooth connection. But the app does way more than that. Couples are able to connect in a secure virtual session. Each can then control a sex toy connected to their partner‘s device and thus up their intimacy experience even at long distances.

My part in this project was to strip down the UI to its core and create a brand new visual appearance for both Android and iOS. The main challenge was to find a color palette, which would work for both female and male users in a seductive yet sophisticated manner. I also wanted to use colors that belong to the We-Vibe brand and product identity.
There was a restructure of the interaction flow as well, which made it more intuitive to employ the app in the specific context of use. In order to allow a sustainable and organized further maintenance of the app, I created a Design System that included among the usual elements, a brand new set of icons.


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