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Haemophilia patients need a certain level of fitness to prevent injuries. But many patients and relatives are unsure which exercises are suitable and shy away from the physical challenge.

Users & Audience
Patients of different ages and clinical pictures, parents and relatives, as well as professionals such as physiotherapists and doctors.

Make NovoNordisk‘s commitment to haemophilia patients visible and promote comprehensive care. Giving patients security in their physiotherapy exercises and motivating them to train regularly. Give physical therapists a tool to take care of their patients and provide relief. Support doctors in providing optimal all-round care for patients.

Living Safely With Haemophilia: Relieve Anxiety. Motivate. Mobilize. Patients perform suitable exercises safely and regularly using videos and instructions in order to stay healthy and develop an individual fitness routine.


User flow
Working closely with the client we developed a straightforward architecture. It enabled the development team to have a comprehensive view of the different areas of the product. At the same time, it made the navigation and certain interactions visible in order to be validated before moving to the next step.

User stories
We came up with a concept to solve the problem for the initial phase.

We tested our idea with doctors, physiotherapists, and patients, to know the sustainability and viability of the notions. As a result, we were able to start preparing the backlog with epics and user stories, which was the base for the design of the wireframes.

We decided to build a bottom navigation bar with three main pages: Information, Exercises, and Training.

Each area is organized in subsections with identical format: top tab bar. This way the user is presented with a consistent navigation in each area and thus can focus on the content.

The main feature of the product is the video material provided by NovoNordisk. It carries the main task to educate the user about exercises fitted for heamoplilia patients. Therefore the video player is the central and most valuable part of this application.

The exercise categories stretching, strengthening, and coordinating are each divided into 3 sub-categories: upper extremities, trunk, lower extremities.
To open the video player, the user simply has to tap on a card. Then the details page opens. There, features like “Add to favorites” and “Add to training plan” are available.

Recording your own videos is one of the unique selling points of HaemActive and is offered in every category. The function can be started via the camera icon and is intuitive to use.

In order to act as an extended arm of the physiotherapist, the app aims to support the training with exercises on a daily basis. It is intended that the individual videos can be put together to form a training plan.

Bringing it all together
Our challenge was to provide haemophilia patients‘ security in their physiotherapy exercises and to motivate them to train regularly. By creating an intuitive navigation, cohesive visual system and user-friendly interactions, our team delivered a product now used by thousands of users around the globe (Luckily, there aren‘t all too many users – haemophilia patients – to brag about.)

If I had to start this project all over again, I would add some tweaks here and there to make it more enjoyable for the users. For example, visually accentuating peaks and ends of the experience to provide memorable experiences. Another area would be scaling down the number of choise options on certain screens in order to reduce decision making time.

Nonetheless, I am happy to have been part of the creation of this product as well as the team who built it.


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